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Sewing A Special Baby Gown

Sewing a special baby gown can be so much fun! It does not have to be hard. Using a good well written pattern and quality fabrics and materials will make easy and so enjoyable.

To help simplify your search for products you will need for sewing the dress, we have put together this page as a starting point for you.

Heirloom Storage Box
- Safely store and preserve your baby's special dress in our museum quality textile storage box. Visit the Garment Care page to learn more.

Choosing The Fabric

When you are choosing which fabric to use for the blessing gown try to limit your selection to natural fiber fabric.

If you want the gown to become a family heirloom purchase the best quality you can afford. The Swiss fabrics, especially the batistes are perfect for this project. For more information on selecting the fabric you can visit our Choosing A Swiss Batiste For Your Project page.

Please do not purchase a fabric that contains man-made fibers such as polyester to use for a heirloom project. No matter how careful you may store the garment, if it is made with polyester it will turn yellow.

Fabrics For Heirloom Sewing

We specialize in sewing for babies and children so you will find most all of our fabrics are suitable for a baby gown. Listed below is some of the more popular choices for the gowns. Fabrics that are easy to sew and work with are marked by an asterisk *.

* Easy to sew

- Top of the line Swiss Batiste*

Nelona - A popular Swiss Batiste*

Irish Handkerchief Linen - The perfect handkerchief linen*

Silk Dupioni - Very elegant fabric

Silk Batiste - Popular, but hard to find, very pretty

Swiss Wool Challis - Lightweight, soft wool*

Pima Swiss Batiste - A very nice affordable Swiss Batiste*

Browse all of our fabrics

Baby Gown Patterns

Brantley (Ginger Snaps)

Old Fashioned Baby Gowns (Old Fashioned Baby)

Antique T-Yoke Gown (Old Fashioned Baby)

Heavenly Bliss (Wendy Schoen)

Dedication Gown (Creations By Michie)*

Dedication Bubble (Creations By Michie)*

Sizes For Preemies

The hem can be lengthened on these preemie size daygowns if you want the gown to be long.

A-line Gowns II
(Ginger Snaps)

Baby Daygowns Book 4 (Ginger Snaps) - Includes 5 preemie sizes.

Kimono Sleeve Daygowns (Ginger Snaps)

Preemie Daygowns and Bonnets (Ginger Snaps) - Includes Preemie Sizes: 1 lb., 2 1/2 lbs., 3 - 4 lbs., 5 - 6 lbs.

Pleated Daygown (Creations By Michie)

Bishop Trio (Creative Keepsakes)

Baby Bonnets

Heirloom Bonnets 1

Baby Bonnets Pattern Index - Listing of baby bonnet patterns

Baby Blankets

Heirloom Baby Quilt (Martha Pullen)

Best Embroidered Baby Clothes 2 (Old Fashioned Baby)* - Includes 3 different blankets to stitch.

Beautiful Baby Blankets (Collars Etc.)

Sweet Slumber Crib Set (Love & Stitches)

Browse all of our patterns

Books That Include Baby Gown Patterns

Grandmother's Hope Chest
(Martha Pullen)

Elegant Sewing For Baby (Martha Pullen)

Creating Heirlooms For Baby (Wendy Schoen)

Browse all of our books

Popular Laces For Baby Gowns

French Insertion Lace
- Beautiful French insertion lace.

French Edging Lace - French Edging lace that matches the above insertion lace.

Narrow Baby Lace - Tiny French insertion and edging lace.

Browse all of our laces

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Sew The Gown

baby gown
Diane's Gown

jeanette's gown
Jeanette's Gown

You too can sew a beautiful gown for the baby. We have the patterns, fabric, French laces, Swiss embroideries, pearl buttons and anything else you may need to complete your project. Plus, we are always available to help you along the way.

Heirloom On
A Budget

There are ways to create that beautiful dedication gown on a limited budget. Use your sewing machines decorative stitches instead of purchasing expensive Swiss embroideries.

Make lots of tucks and/or pintucks to embellish the fabric instead of using lace.

Construct the slip out of a less expensive fabric such as our Pima Swiss Batiste.

Heirloom Sewing
For Children

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