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Dolls: Corolle Dolls

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Comparisons between Gotz Aquini and the Corolle Dolls:

1) Both come with a bottle and a potty.

2) The Aquini bottle is an inexpensive 1-piece molded plastic. It is small, difficult to fill and often splits open after a few uses. Replacement bottles are not available.

The Corolle bottle is larger, made with better vinyl and easily filled by unscrewing and removing the top.

3) In addition to the bottle and the potty, the extra accessory for the Aquini is a hooded towel. The Corolle includes a pacifier and a diaper.

4) Both the Gotz Aquini and the Corolle boy dolls are anatomically correct.

5) When the Aquini "drinks the water from the bottle" the water immediately runs right through the doll. (This was the 2nd most often heard complaint from customers who purchased an Aquini last year.) After the Corolle doll "drinks the water from the bottle" you can carry her by the arms and place on the potty. Next, press the doll on the tummy for the doll to go potty. Very, very easy.

6) The Aquini facial features are painted on, the Corolle dolls have open and close eyes.

7) THEY ARE WONDERFUL!!!! We are very impressed with the quality.

8) The above data is the result of independent testing and comments from actual customers who purchased one or more of these dolls for the specific purpose of potty training.

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