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Contact Information

Before contacting us have you checked our ORDERS page to see if your question is answered there? The majority of questions we receive pertain to either placing an order or orders already submitted.

We know your time is valuable, therefore we have posted information on the ORDERS page that covers most of the frequently asked questions.

Do You Have Any Questions?

Questions submitted through this form are answered the fastest because we are not restricted by shop hours. We can answer email questions after hours from our home pc's.

Contact Us

Address, Phone & Fax Numbers:

Mailing Address:
(mail orders)

Dalton Enterprises
Heirloom Sewing For Children
P.O. Box 847
Eutaw, AL 35462

Sewing Helpline Phone:
Toll Free 888-319-2233 (For sewing related questions only - for the fastest help or for product or shipping inquiries, please use the above form to contact us)

You can use the above form to request an appointment for a phone consultation. That way we can make sure someone is available and waiting for your call.

Ordinarily, we receive a large amount of phone calls and we return phone calls in the order in which we receive them, as soon as possible, which can sometimes take several days. By using the above form to let us know that you will be calling, we can arrange for someone to be by the phone waiting for your call!

Fax: 205-372-9970

FAQS And Other Information:

Note to our customers who are sewing a special project
- Many of you are new to heirloom sewing and we want you to know that we are here to help you with your project. Many of you have project deadlines and the dress has to be finished by such and such date. This can be a lot of pressure for you, that's where we can help.

If you need help sewing that special dress
use the form above to contact us. Make sure we have your phone number and give a brief explanation of the problem. If you also mention which pattern you are using it can save time because we won't have to pull the file to look up which pattern you bought.

We will walk you through the problem. There have been many occasions when we have equipped a customer with a private cell phone number to call where they can reach us after hours and on weekends. So don't be shy, let us know if you need help!

Other Questions:

There are certain questions that for one reason or another, we just cannot answer. Here is a list:

• Questions asking for an appraisal of vintage patterns.

• Questions asking for an appraisal of a doll.

• Questions asking for an appraisal of anything - we are not appraisers.

• Questions asking about vintage dolls - currently, no one on staff is an antique doll collector.

• Questions asking about dolls that we do not sell - we can't answer questions about other dolls but if there is a line of dolls you would like to see us carry send us an email - we love suggestions!

• Questions about dolls or anything to do with eBay - we frequently get inquiries telling us about something someone bought on eBay. Unfortunately, most of the time they need help because they were disappointed with what they bought. Our company does NOT sell on eBay and we advice you to be careful if you decide to risk shopping there.

• Questions asking if we ship to Nigeria or any other international destination - see our Orders page for info about our shipping policies.

• Requests that we accept a phone order - credit card phone orders are the most unsecured, high risk form of credit card use for both merchants and customers.

• Requests for fabric samples - see our Orders page for info about fabric samples.

Blocked Phone Calls - our staff is not required to answer any phone calls where the callers' number is not shown on our caller ID - this is a desperate measure we had to take due to relentless telemarketers that bombard business phones with their unwanted solicitations.



If you have a photo of an heirloom outfit you made that you would like to share with our visitors you can submit it to us by email.

When sending your photo by email please send it in the jpeg (jpg) format.

Be sure to send any information you want us to post along with your photo.

All submissions will be reviewed and if your photo(s) are selected to be posted on this website you will be notified by email.

We hope you enjoy your visit to our website. Don't forget to bookmark our site and come back often. Thanks for stopping by!!!

Heirloom Sewing
For Children

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