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Embroideries Index (Swiss Lace)

On this page you will find an index of Swiss Embroideries, or as it is also called, Swiss Lace. If you know what you are searching for you can jump right to it by using this index. If you would rather browse the embroideries you can do that by scrolling down each page and clicking the link to the next page.

You can easily return to this index from any of the Swiss Embroidery pages by clicking on the "Embroideries Index" link at the top of each page. We hope this index makes it easier for you to find what you need.

Entredeux -

Swiss entredeux in white and ivory. Also Swiss baby entredeux in white and ivory.

Embroidery Page 1 -

Wide entredeux or faggoting, beadings (for ribbons), double wide entredeux and insertions with entredeux edge.

Embroidery Page 2 -

Scalloped edgings for sleeves, collars, accents, etc., including Swiss edging for boys.

Embroidery Page 3 -

Broderie Anglaise an all over embroidered fabric, 55 inches wide.

Embroidery Page 4 -

Colored Embroideries - Beautiful wide Swiss edging has Triesen Rose Flowers with green leaves and ecru basket on White Bearissima Swiss Batiste. Also matching insertion.

Embroidery Page 5 -

Colored Embroideries - Very pretty extra wide insertion with multicolor Pastels on White Bearissima Swiss Batiste. Also, a wide edging with Pink and Yellow Flowers and Light Green Leaves on white Bearlin (Irish Linen/Swiss Cotton Blend). Also wide Swiss edgings that can be used for collar pieces.

Embroidery Page 6 -

Colored Embroideries - Handloom insertion with small Peach Flowers and Pale Green Leaves on White Swiss batiste. Also, a vertical insertion piece with Pink and Green Flowers on White Swiss Batiste, very sweet on the yoke of a mid-yoke dress.

Embroidery Page 7 -

Narrow Swiss Cluny edging and insertion, white and off white. Plus, narrow Swiss scalloped edging with entredeux.

Embroidery Page 8 -

Seasonal trims, red and green on white Swiss batiste.

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