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Main Fabric Index: Swiss Batiste Information

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Bearissima OR Nelona

Choosing a Swiss Batiste For Your Project

The Facts -


Bearissima was specifically developed by Bear Threads Ltd in 1986 to be a superior product to Nelona. At that time, Nelona was a trade name of the JG Nef-Nelo Company of Switzerland.

The 55" width gives approximately 23% more fabric per lineal yard than a 45" width fabric. Bearissima and Bearissima II have a higher thread count per square inch than Nelona. Bearissima II is slightly heavier than Bearissima.

Bearissima and Bearissima II have a Super Silk finish. It is a permanent finish that gives a very soft hand and a nice sheen.


After the death of Mr. Nef Sr, the family sold the company. The trade name Nelona then passed through 3 different ownerships before it was liquidated in bankruptcy in late 1995. The trade name Nelona has since passed into the public domain.

Nelona has a very shiny finish.

Several companies currently market a Nelona Swiss Batiste. If you choose Nelona for your project we recommend the *Martha Pullen Co. Nelona rather than the one from Spechler Vogel.


USA Specifications
Bearissima II
Thread Count per Sq. Inch
Thread Size Warp/Weft
Weight in oz. Per Sq. Yd.

* Martha Pullen Company's Nelona is a far superior product to the Spechler Vogel Nelona. If quality matters to you, be sure you know which Nelona you are getting before buying it.

Recommendation and Opinion -

If you are looking for the best Swiss Batiste that money can buy we highly recommend Bearissima. Not only is it absolutely gorgeous and a superior quality product that will last for generations, it is a joy to sew. For a baby blessing gown it is perfect. For an older girls special occasion dress, the Bearissima II is very elegant.

When you consider the time you will put into sewing that special dress and consider how it will become a family heirloom, you will realize that it is actually an investment. I have never heard of anyone who regretted choosing Bearissima, everyone I have talked to has said they are very glad they made that choice.

For a little girls fancy party dress Nelona is great. Especially for a heirloom party dress. Fru-fru's, silk ribbons and a full skirt on the dress will make a little girl feel very special. They love to twirl and I haven't seen one yet who can resist twirling in their Nelona party dress!

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