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Dotted Swiss

Please keep in mind that scanned graphics of the fabrics may differ from the actual color. For example, some whites may not look true white on your monitor.

Fabric is priced in 1/2 yard units, so remember, if your pattern calls for 3 yards you will need to order 6 half yard units.

Dotted Swiss from Bear Threads

100% Cotton - approx. 55" Wide

From Bear Threads Ltd.

Is there a sweeter picture than a little girl dressed in her Dotted Swiss outfit? This is classic Dotted Swiss on 100% Swiss cotton, by Bear Threads (manufacturer of Bearissima).

The Real Thing: This is authentic Dotted Swiss. Real Dotted Swiss is made in Switzerland. Please don't confuse this fabric with the inexpensive polyester/cotton blends that some manufacturer's call dotted Swiss.

Dotted Swiss - Price: $15.99 (per 1/2 yard)

Minimum cut is one yard (1 yd = 2 units)

dotted swiss
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yellow dotted swiss
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[Please Note: Fabric is priced in 1/2 yard units]

Drawn Thread (Linen Look) from Bear Threads Ltd.

100% Swiss Cotton - approx. 54"/55" wide

This is a very nice fabric and it looks like linen with drawn thread. Our scanner doesn't do it justice so we took a photo so you can see it better. By clicking on the link for a closer look you can have a better view of the fabric.

Handwash only, roll in a towel to remove excess moisture and either lay flat to dry or line dry on a padded hanger. Iron while damp.

swiss drawn thread
Fabric is shown by our Gotz handcrafted doll.
(Doll no longer available)


Drawn Thread "Linen-Look"

You can click here for a closer look.

Colors: White

Price: $12.99 per 1/2 yd

White - SOLD OUT (No longer available)

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Your Package

When the heirloom fabric, embroideries and/or laces you ordered from us arrives at your door, you will find the material inside the box wrapped in tissue paper.

Save this tissue paper to wrap your finished garment in for storage. We wrap your fabric in acid-free, non buffered tissue paper. This is the correct type of tissue to use for textile storage.

Read more about storing your garment on our Garment Care page.

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