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Garment Care And Storage

We have assembled some information and products to help you with your garment care and storage. These are the actual techniques and products that we use, both professionally and personally.

print Read and/or Print Article On Easy Washing Instructions

You can use the above link to view and print a small article on laundering your fine washable garments. After printing, just click the BACK button on your browser to come back to this page.

print Read and/or Print Article On Garment Storage

Saving heirloom clothing for future generations need not be complicated or expensive. Just a few correct steps taken today will be very appreciated tomorrow.

Products For Archival Storage

If your garment is washable, it is advisable to wash it before storing it. Use our Fabric Wash that is especially made to safely clean fine fabrics. Stain Remover works wonders on stains.

We recommend that you wrap your garment (or quilt) in our non-buffered acid and lignin free tissue paper and then place it in our museum quality, archival storage box for additional protection.



Proper garment care and storage is essential for the preservation of your lovely heirloom garment.

A few extra steps taken now will insure that the next generation will also enjoy your treasured garment.

Buffered Vs

Non-buffered tissue is ideal for wrapping gowns and other organic textiles. It is also safe for silk. Use buffered tissue for wrapping and storing metal, like silver.

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