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Estella - Exclusive Limited Edition 150 Worldwide

estella goetz

Estella is absolutely stunning! Her hair, which is gathered into a pony tail, shows off her beautiful Swarovski crystal earrings. Crystals also adorn her dark brown hair.

She is wearing a burgundy velvet dress and has a separate faux fur cape that is lined with burgundy taffeta and matches her taffeta shoes and purse. Her purse is also accented with crystals.

She comes with a burgundy jewelry box which holds her Swarovski crystal necklace and bracelet.

Photographs do not do this doll justice. The most often heard comment from customers when they see Estella is "She is the most beautiful doll I have ever seen!". I must confess, I could not resist adding Estella to my personal collection.

Name: Estella - Exclusive Edition with Swarovski crystals
Limited: 150
Hair: Dark Brown (wig)
Height: 27.5 inches

Last Chance To Buy - 40% OFF

Retail Price: $500.00


(All Gotz dolls subject to sellout)

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Terms/Information - When Gotz announced the closing of their German factory we stocked up on their dolls. When the dolls arrived here, they were immediately placed in our specially designed preservation storage facility. The air quality in this facility is monitored constantly and access is limited to trained personnel only.

To the best of our knowledge, Gotz no longer offers support for their dolls made prior to the closing of their German factory. For that reason, our Gotz products are sold as is and all sales are final.

There are not many new, original Gotz dolls available worldwide any longer. By purchasing your Gotz doll from Heirloom Sewing For Children, you can be sure it has been stored and protected in a manner befitting a treasured heirloom.


Made In Germany

All of the Gotz Handcrafted and Artist dolls we stock were made in Germany.

In the spring of 2004, Gotz closed their German factory. The dolls we have in stock are the last of the German made Gotz dolls.

All Gotz dolls are subject to sell out and all sales final.

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