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Variance by Forever New


Hypoallergenic - Unscented
Fabric Wash

by Forever New


We have found the perfect fabric wash for sensitive skin.

At the request of therapists, Forever New reformulated their premier product, Forever New Fabric Wash, removing all scent to make Variance hypo-allergenic.

*Although originally formulated to safely clean and restore compression and support garments, we have found Variance to be the perfect fabric wash for preemie clothing, allergy sensitive individuals and even autistic children (who have heightened olfactory senses).

(Use 1/4 cup Variance for an average washing machine load)

Variance Fabric Care Wash

Size: 16 oz. jar

Price: $9.95

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Special Offer!!!

Two (2) 16 oz. jars

for only $16.95

(plus $7.95 shipping for 2 jar Special)

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Forever New Fabric Wash
- The original formula, with a light fresh scent.

The Stain Remedy
- Don't forget to order a bottle of the solvent-free biodegradable stain remover, also from Forever New. It really works!

* Always check with your physician before using any product if a medical condition is involved. Some of us here, including our family and friends, use this product because we either have allergies, sensitive skin or because we prefer a superior quality, unscented hypo-allergenic laundry product. We use it on our sheets, pillowcases, clothes, baby clothes, baby blankets and everything that comes into direct contact with our skin. However, we are not medical professionals and our recommendations should not be taken as such.

More Products For Archival Storage

For long term storage, we recommend storing your garment (or quilt) in our museum quality, archival storage box for additional protection.

It is important that you properly prepare your garment for storage. See our Garment Care page for printable garment care and storage information.


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Proper garment care and storage is essential for the preservation of your lovely heirloom garment.

A few extra steps taken now will insure that the next generation will also enjoy your treasured garment.

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