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Linen Hankies - Perfect For Handkerchief Bonnets!

linen handkerchiefs
(The contrast has been enhanced in the photo to show the design)

These white linen handkerchiefs are perfect for making a handkerchief bonnet for a baby. The one on the left with the tatted edge is good for either a boy or girl.

The one on the right has a rolled edge, if you would like a more frilly bonnet, you can easily add lace edging to it.

About The Size - The distributor describes these hankies as 13 inches, however they are linen and linen can be expected to shrink when washed. Also, because they are handcrafted, there can be slight differences in individual handkerchief sizes.

These styles/size are popular for use with handkerchief bonnet patterns, where the pattern calls for a 12 inch handkerchief.

Enlarged view of Handkerchiefs Corners

Enlarged view of Hankie with Plain Rolled Edge


#1010 - Linen Handkerchief with Tatting Edge

Price: $8.95


#426 - Linen Handkerchief with Plain Rolled Edge

Price: $9.95

(Temporarily Out of Stock)


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Proper garment care and storage is essential for the preservation of your lovely heirloom garment. A few extra steps taken now will insure that the next generation will also enjoy your treasured garment.

Visit our Garment Care page for printable garment care and storage information.

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