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Credit Card Security: Our Guarantee

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General Information For All Orders:

• We take extra care in the packaging and handling of your order.

Fabric - We add an extra inch when cutting your fabric. Also, sometimes you may find that you received more fabric than you ordered. That's because if we are near the end of a bolt when measuring your fabric (within a 1/2 yard of the end), we may just include that extra amount for you!

Shipping - We ship only to the 50 US states. We do not ship international, to Canada, Puerto Rico, etc. Shipping charges to Alaska may be higher than our standard shipping rates. No P.O. Boxes for online orders. Please use mail order if your shipping address is a P.O. Box. Free shipping offers do not apply to Hawaii or Alaska and may not include items which are oversized or with excess weight. Express and/or overnight delivery is not available.

• If we sell out of an item on sale we may or may not be able to offer you a raincheck for the item at the sale price. Availability, length of time on backorder and other factors are taken into consideration in our decision to offer rainchecks.

• Placing an order from Heirloom Sewing For Children is your acceptance of the terms and policies as stated on this website.

Reminder - To those who are not comfortable ordering on the internet, we still welcome old fashioned mail orders. We even have a convenient order form that you can print and use for your order. If you don't have access to a printer, just drop us a note and we will gladly mail some to you.

Instructions For Shopping Cart Checkout - To Order Securely Online


Phone Number - The Day Phone number line is for a number where you can be reached should we need to contact you about your order.

The Home Phone number line is for your home phone number. This line is not to be used for cell phones or work numbers. By filling out your Home Phone number you can actually help shorten the order processing time. Your Home Phone is used for order verification. (see security and privacy note below)

Email Address
- If possible, please use a pop email address (the type of email given to you by your internet service provider), not a free email address (such as hotmail, yahoo, etc.). (see security and privacy note below)

Billing Address
- Please carefully type your address exactly as it is on file with your credit card company.

Shipping Address
- Your billing address is your shipping address. For security reasons, we ship only to the billing address of the authorized cardholder. Please do not attempt to give an alternate shipping address on the Address2 line.


Orders Under $10
- We ask that if your order is under $10, please order by mail. For mail orders you can use our printable order form.

Finalize and Submit Order - At this point, when you're ready, click the Submit Order button at the bottom of the checkout order page.

Important - Please click the Submit Order button only once. If there is a problem with your order being accepted please contact us. Do not repeatedly click the Submit Order button.

Now you can relax, we'll take it from here and get your order out to you asap!

- We are very pleased to say that our online shopping cart system meets or exceeds the stringent requirements of Visa’s PCI & CISP programs to ensure maximum security with your sensitive financial data and information. There are numerous shopping cart systems available for online stores to choose from, but only a very few of them meet Visa's strict requirements. The shopping cart we use is one of the very few that is fully certified!

We verify all addresses, ip addresses and phone numbers of credit card orders. This is for your protection and ours. All orders are subject to approval and we reserve the right to refuse any order at our discretion.

Privacy - To put it simply, we're privacy advocates. We do have a big, long privacy policy you can read. It goes into detail about how we don't (and have never and will never) sell, rent or share our customers private information and that includes phone numbers, email addresses, etc. etc.

Special Requests:

Please notify us BEFORE ordering if you have any type of special request. We do try to accommodate special requests if at all possible.

More On Security:

For The Record: The eCommerce division of Heirloom Sewing For Children has been online since 2000. In all these years there has been no incident (0, zero, none, not any) of a compromise of any of our customers private or financial information.

When it comes to security and protecting our customers, we go the extra mile. Our website is owned, managed and operated by A1WebServices.com, a division of Dalton Enterprises, the parent company of Heirloom Sewing For Children. We are constantly studying and are up to date on the latest privacy, security and fraud issues. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

A Note About Internet Prices:

We have provided a discounted price on some items for shoppers who know what they want and do not need assistance with their purchase. In order to receive the discounted Internet Price on select items you must place the order online, through our shopping cart.

Shipping Charges: (excludes dolls and other large items)

The following shipping charges are for heirloom sewing supplies only and apply to within the continental USA. See below for information pertaining to doll shipping charges.

Heirloom Sewing Supplies
Shipping & Handling
Up to $11.99 $ 5.95
$12.00 - $29.99 $ 6.95
$30.00 - $59.99 $ 7.95
$60.00 - $99.99 $ 8.95
$100.00 - $199.99 $10.95
$200.00 - $299.99 $13.50
$300.00 - $499.99 $14.95

Shipping Charges On Dolls:

Due to the size and weight of doll packages, the shipping charges for each doll has been set individually according to the weight of its package. Packages over 5 pounds will be shipped via UPS, under 5 pounds will be shipped via the US Post Office Priority mail.

Your Ship To Address:

Your shipping address for an order paid for by credit card will be the same as your credit card billing address. When processing your order, your credit card company will compare the address they have on file for you with the address you provide to us on the order form. This is called Address Verification.

IMPORTANT! If your address does not match exactly with the one they have on file, your credit card company will decline your order. They do this for your protection.

Only mail orders pre-paid by check or money order can be shipped to an alternate address.

Phone Orders:

We no longer accept credit card payments by phone.

Mail Orders:

Your can print our order form and mail your order along with your payment. Please remember to add the shipping charges to your mail order. Scroll down this page for information on the shipping rates for Heirloom Sewing Products. For dolls and other large or heavy items please contact us for the shipping cost. Click here for mail order information and a printable mail order form.


Contact us and we can confirm to you that the items you want are in stock and give you the total price for your order.

International Orders:

We do not accept international orders at this time. We are a USA company and do business only within the 50 United States.

We no longer ship to Puerto Rico.

If you are physically located in a country outside of the USA please do not ask to purchase something using our website shopping cart and request that we ship it to an address that is physically located in the USA. We will not accommodate that request.

International orders will be voided.

Checking The Status Of Your Order:

Please read before inquiring about the status of your order.

We take care in the packaging and shipping of your order. Our average time for processing orders is 48 to 72 hours, during busy seasons it can take a little longer. Shipping via Priority Mail only takes from 2 to 4 days, depending on where you live. UPS Ground may take a little longer, again depending on where you live.

Steps Of The Ordering Process

1. Submit Order > 2. Processing Time > 3. Packaging > 4. Transit Time > 5. Delivery

Order Inquiries: (Customer Service)

If you still feel that you need to contact us concerning the status of your order please allow for processing time and in transit shipping time before contacting us. To contact us to inquire about the status of an order use our contact form for the fastest response.

Please do not call our Sewing Helpline phone for order inquires. That phone rings to our sewing studio and was set up specifically to help customers with their sewing projects. Example: If you have a question about how lace is attached to entredeux or any other sewing related questions.

Duplicate Orders:

Duplicate Charges - The shopping cart checkout instructions say to click the "Submit Order" button only once. That is because orders are charged in real time. That simply means that when you click the "Submit Order" button, you are charging your credit card at that moment.

Our Solution - To eliminate duplicate charges and to prevent your credit/debit card from being charged more than once, we installed a duplicate order filter on our shopping cart.

IMPORTANT INFO --------> Although your card will not be charged twice, many credit and debit card issuers will put a hold on the dollar amount of an order each time you submit the order. The card issuer will then temporarily deduct this amount from your available credit line or debit balance.

The length of the hold varies, depending on the issuer. Some only hold it for a few days, whereas some will hold it for up to a month. When they release it, they will then add it back onto your available credit line or debit balance.

Pending Transactions
- When a credit or debit card issuer puts a hold on a dollar amount of a transaction it is often referred to as a Pending Transaction.

Please Note:

1. A Pending Transaction is not the same thing as a charge.
2. Our company is not the one who places the "hold" and we do not charge your card numerous or multiple times for one order.
3. A credit card or debit card issuer places a "hold" or "pending transaction" in response to each order submission placed by the customer (by clicking the "Submit Order" button on a website or by swiping your card numerous times at a self-service checkout in a store).

Solution - You do not need to do anything to have the "hold" released. It will be released automatically, at the end of the hold period which is predetermined by the card issuer (bank).

To find out how long the hold period lasts, read the teeny tiny print on your credit/debit card agreement. If the print is too small to read or if you can't find it on there, phone the number on the back of your card and ask them.

The easiest solution is prevention, to avoid this problem in the first place, please click the "Submit Order" button only once.

More Information - If, for some reason, we were to receive an order and a few minutes later receive an identical order from you, we will void the 2nd (duplicate) order. The exception to that rule would be an order/duplicate order being placed after business hours (orders are automatically sent to the credit card company for processing). That type of duplicate order will be canceled and a credit card refund will be issued. This particular problem has not occurred since we programmed the cart to filter out duplicate orders (see paragraph above for explanation).

If you are concerned about a duplicate order, write to us using our contact form and Customer Service can confirm to you whether or not a duplicate order/charge was received.

Declined Orders:

If you order has been declined it could be for several reasons. Some reasons are:

• An error was made when you were typing your billing address on the order form - see Address Verification below.

• You may have forgotten to type in the security code number from the back of your credit card or you could have made an error when typing the number - see Security Code Verification below.

• Your credit card company declined an authorization for your charge - see Declined Authorization below.

We use the latest and most up to date security and processing system for online orders. We use Authorize.net as our secure payment gateway. They use state of the art technology for encryption and are in compliance with the very strict CISP requirements as set forth by VISA and MasterCard.

Declined Order/Multiple Charges: If your order is Declined, your card is not charged. If you repeatedly click the "Submit Order" button in an attempt to get the order to be accepted, it will result in ''holds" or "pending transactions" being placed on your credit or debit card account by the card issuer. Please see Duplicate Orders above for further information.

Address Verification: When you place your order online, Authorize.net uses AVS (address verification) to see that the address you provided on the order form matches the billing address EXACTLY as it is on file with your credit card company. If your credit card company says "that address does not match our records", Authorize.net will return a DECLINED status.

Security Code Verification: Authorize.net will also submit to your credit card company the security code (3 digit number on the back of your card) you provided on the order form. It must also EXACTLY match the security code that is on file with your credit card company. If your credit card company says "that security code does not match our records", Authorize.net will return a DECLINED status.

If Authorize.net receives a "Matched" Status on the above 2 verifications your order amount is then submitted to your credit card company for authorization. It is at that point that your credit card company informs us "This transaction has been approved" OR "Declined - This transaction has been declined". No reason is given to us as to why they declined your charge.

If your card is declined because of Address Verification or Security Code Verification reasons, you need to make sure you typed the information correctly on the order form.

Declined Authorization: If your card passes both Address Verification AND Security Code Verification but a decline status is issued, you need to contact your credit card company to learn the reason.

# 1 Most Often Asked Question About Declined Status:

Question: "I used my card other places on the internet today and had no problem so why was my order declined?"

Answer: Not every business uses Address Verification and Security Code Verification. Some companies are still using old encryption software and are not aware of the latest requirements and recommendations by VISA/MasterCard.

Our company policy is to provide our customers with the safest and most secure method of ordering using their credit card. We will continue to follow the guidelines established by VISA and MasterCard.

Bold Statement #1: Our secure online method of using your credit card is much SAFER than placing a credit card order by phone.

Bold Statement #2: Our secure online method of using your credit card is much SAFER than using your credit card in person.

If you have further questions contact us.


We ask that you open your package and examine your order as soon as you receive it. We'll gladly exchange any defective merchandise or correct any shipping errors. Please contact us before returning any item.

Contact us by either through our contact form or fax (205 372-9970) within three business days, to notify us if there is a problem with your order.

All returns must be authorized; unauthorized returns are not eligible for an exchange or refund. * See below for more information on unauthorized packages sent to us.

Return Policy Specifics:

Software, patterns and other copyrighted items, cut yard goods, preservation and archival products, discounted, clearance or special sale items are not returnable. Tiaras are shipped inside of sealed plastic. Tiaras are considered "used" if this sealed plastic has been opened. Due to public health laws, tiaras are not returnable if the plastic has been removed or if the seal on that plastic has been broken. No refunds, credits or exchanges on non-returnable items.

Shipping and handling costs are non-refundable.

If a returnable item (authorized) is returned for any reason other than manufacturers defect or a shipping error made by us, a 25% restocking fee will apply and the customer will be responsible for all shipping costs.

Doll Returns:

Dolls and doll accessories prices are marked down for clearance. All sales are final. Please see our Doll Policy page for additional information on Doll and Doll Accessories returns.

* Special note concerning unauthorized packages sent to us - If we receive a package that is not an authorized return, it will be assumed that the sender intends for the contents of the package to be a gift and as such, the sender relinquishes all rights and claims to the package. The sender of an unauthorized package also forfeits any claim to a refund or exchange. At our discretion, the contents of the package will either be added to our FREE giveaway program or disposed of in a manner that we think is best. We would also like to once again say thank you to all those generous people who have contributed patterns and other items to our giveaway program(s).

Damaged Items:

If there is obvious damage (UPS Shipments) to your package (crushed, holes, opened, etc) please point it out to the UPS driver at the time of delivery. If the damage is severe you may want to refuse delivery and we will replace the order.

Your order is carefully inspected by Heirloom Sewing For Children before shipping and all UPS shipments are insured by UPS. Damage claims are subject to inspection by UPS.

IMPORTANT!!! If you receive damaged merchandise, you must contact UPS directly at 1-800-742-5877 OR contact Heirloom Sewing For Children's Customer Service using our contact for on the Contact Us page immediately (within three business days), to report damages. If you do not have access to the internet, you may either fax the damage report to us at 1-205-372-9970 or phone (leave message) 1-205-372-2345.

We will mail you a Call Tag (a return address label) for you to use to return the package to us. It is important that you return the package in it's original shipping box. Cover the original shipping label with the new return address label we send you. Do not return the damaged merchandise before receiving the Call Tag.

If after the inspection of your returned package, it is determined that the damage was caused by the carrier (UPS), we will ship your replacement item(s) to you, refunds are not issued on damaged items.

All shipments are F.O.B. Shipping Point and become the property of the receiver upon being turned over to the carrier. The availability of replacement or reimbursement (if item is no longer available) is contingent upon the carriers approval of your damage claim.

Attempted Delivery:

All orders become the legal property of the receiver the moment we turn the package over to the carrier. In the event that the receiver is not home on 3 delivery attempts, the carrier may return the package to us or the carrier may forward the receivers property to their unclaimed goods department until the receiver contacts the carrier to make delivery arrangements for their property. This does not constitute a cancellation of an order nor does it remove the legal obligation for the buyer to pay for their order. With the exception of a damaged package, the customer will be responsible for all shipping and additional re-shipping charges on any refused package.

Order Cancellations:

Your transaction is submitted in real time. That means your credit card is charged by you when you click the Submit Order button on the secure checkout page.

We cannot cancel an order that has been processed (packed and ready for shipment). Therefore, we encourage customers to place orders responsibly. There is a 15% restocking fee for a cancelled order.

We make every effort to process a cancellation request in a timely manner. Order cancellation requests are not guaranteed to keep an order from being shipped out if it has already been processed by the time the cancellation request is received.

A restocking fee of 15% will be applied to any shipment which is refused by a customer.

To all our wonderful customers - the following statement does not pertain to you (you probably were not even aware that such a thing occurs). We regret having to post the statement, but unfortunately this does happen and it is increasing at an alarming rate. We are posting the notice to let the "bad guys" know that we take a stand against it and will not tolerate it.

Cybershoplifters will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law!

Definition: Thieves who make legitimate purchases on the Internet with their own credit cards and then deny they placed the orders OR claim that the merchandise received is not what they expected (not as described) OR attempt to manipulate a merchant by coercion with threat of a chargeback.

Heirloom Sewing For Children is an active member of Merchant 911. Please read our website Terms of Use for more information.



In addition to VISA and MasterCard credit cards, we also accept money orders (U.S. Postal), cashiers checks and personal checks (checks must be drawn on a U.S. bank).

Shipment of orders paid for by personal check will be delayed a week to 10 (business) days while the check clears the bank.

Fast - Easy
Secure Checkout

You will love our fast, very secure one-page online checkout.

Never any logins or passwords for you to create or remember.

No surprises, see your shipping and total costs BEFORE submitting your order!

For extra security, we do not keep your credit card number on file.

Our shopping cart is certified CISP Visa and MasterCard compliant.


We ship with both USPS and UPS. The carrier chosen for each package is dependent upon the package size, contents, weight and destination.

Our average time for processing orders is 48 - 72 hours except during busy seasons.

Fabric Samples

Sometime in the future we will have a fabric sample portfolio for you to purchase, but not yet.

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