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Handkerchief Bonnet Kit

handkerchief bonnet

Hanky Bonnet Kit

The Handkerchief Bonnet Kit includes the pattern, 1 yard of 1/8 inch white Silk Satin Ribbon, 2 yards of 1/2 inch white Silk Satin Ribbon and your choice of either the white Linen Handkerchief with Tatting or the white Linen Handkerchief with the plain rolled edge shown above.

enlarged view Enlarged view of Handkerchiefs Corners

Handkerchief Bonnet Trio Pattern (included with kit)

This pattern contains step by step, illustrated instructions for making 3 different styles of Handkerchief Bonnets. Included is a poem explaining the use of the handkerchief as a bonnet as well as a future wedding handkerchief.

enlarged view Enlarged view of this pattern

Linen Handkerchief with Tatting Edge - This hanky is not frilly and is a good choice for a baby boy.

Linen Handkerchief with Plain Edge - This is a pretty hanky with a rolled edge. It is pretty enough to use as is or if you want a more frilly bonnet, you can easily add French Lace or Tatting to its edges.

enlarged view Enlarged view of Hankie with Plain Rolled Edge


Hanky Bonnet Kit A
(includes Hanky with Tatting)


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Hanky Bonnet Kit B
(includes Hanky with Plain Edge)

(Temporarily Out of Stock)

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Helpful Hints

The 12 inch size handkerchief is often chosen for a baby bonnet. These hankies are larger than that to allow for shrinkage. We recommend that you prewash the bonnet before attaching ribbon or lace. This will remove any sizing that is in the fabric and preshrink it.

Iron the hanky while it is still damp. Linen is much easier to iron while damp. We carry Forever New fabric wash that is perfect for linens and all washable heirloom fabrics. It is all natural and rinses clean, without leaving behind any detergent residue that can be an irritant to a baby's delicate skin.

Store the handkerchief bonnet in acid free, lignin free tissue paper. Visit our Garment Care page for more information on laundering and storing heirloom clothing.

Additional Resources

The linen hankies are available separately, without the kit. We also have a bonnet patterns index that you may find helpful.


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We recommend Heirloom Sewing By Machine by Nancy Coburn.

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