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Patterns: Old Fashioned Baby

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Antique T-Yoke

Gown, Dress and Christening Gown

antique t yoke

New From Old Fashioned Baby!

This beautiful pattern is fashioned after an antique baby gown from the 1920's. The gowns are suitable for a baby boy or baby girl.

Easy to follow, illustrated instuctions.

It has a t-style yoke that is edged with lace insertion and embellished with embroidery. Entredeux and lace edging finish the neck and sleeves. Instructions for inserting entredeux at the shoulders is also included.

The Baby Gown is 21 inches long with long sleeves.

The Daydress is 15 inches long has short, puffed sleeves that are embellished with lace and a ruffled hem. It first appeared in Creative Needle magazine.

The Christening Gown is 27 inches long and is perfect for a boy or girl.

A Slip pattern is included for each garment length. It buttons down the back.

Size: Infant


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Fabric suggestions:
Pima or Swiss Batiste, Voile, Lawn, Handkerchief Linen, poly/cotton batiste

All Views need:
3/8" lace edging for the neck and sleeves - 1 3/8 yds
Baby Entredeux for the neck - 3/8 yd
Baby Entredeux or Beading for sleeves - 1/2 yd. & ribbon to fit the beading - 1 1/3 yds
Baby Entredeux for shoulders if desired 1/4 yd
3/16" Buttons - 5

Gown - 45" wide Fabric needs 1 3/8 yds., 60" wide Fabric needs 7/8 yds.
1/2" wide Lace Insertion: 5 1/2 yds
5/8" wide Lace Edging for Hem: 2 1/4 yds

Daydress - 45" wide Fabric needs 1 yd., 60" wide Fabric needs 7/8 yds
1/2" wide Lace Insertion: 4 7/8 yds
1/2" wide Lace Edging for ruffle: 2 1/3 yds
Entredeux for hem: 1 5/8 yds

Christening Gown - 45" wide Fabric needs 2 yds., 60" wide Fabric needs 1 5/8 yds
1/2" wide Lace Insertion: 7 3/4 yds
1/2" wide Lace Edging: 3 2/3 yds
Entredeux for hem: 2 yds.

Slip - Gown
Slip Fabric: 5/8 yds
5/8" Lace Edging: 1 1/2 yds

Slip - Dress
Slip Fabric: 1/2 yd
5/8" Lace Edging: 1 1/8 yds

Slip - Christening Gown
Slip Fabric: 7/8 yds
3/4" Lace Edging: 1 3/4 yds
1/4" Buttons: 5


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