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Photo Gallery

Birthday Dresses

In the photo on the left, Ashleigh is wearing a dress made using Daisy Kingdom's Winnie The Pooh pattern. The fabric is "Cat Dance" also by Daisy Kingdom. Click here to see a back view of "Cat Dance" dress.

Maleah is wearing her "retro dress" made using a vintage (1970's) pattern. Her fabric is "Raggedy Ann & Andy" by Daisy Kingdom.

In the center photo, Ashleigh and Maleah are wearing their new dresses made from Imperial Broadcloth.

In the photo on the right, Maleah and Isaiah are both wearing outfits made from Imperial Broadcloth. By the end of the party, the front of Maleah's white dress had blue stains all over it from the blue icing on the Blue's Clue's birthday cake. Amazingly, it all came out when the dress was washed!

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Little Princess
Little Princess
July 2002

pattern and fabric by Daisy Kingdom
Pattern & fabric by
Daisy Kingdom

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