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Preemie Patterns

Here's a list of preemie patterns, most of which we always keep in stock. You will notice that some are designed to fit tiny, premature babies as small as 1 pound.

Nancy Coburn from Ginger Snaps, consulted with neonatal nurses for recommendations on design and construction. (See the description for the Isolette Shirts here.) All of the Ginger Snaps patterns provide detailed instructions.

Preemie Patterns To Sew

The hem can be lengthened on the preemie size gowns if you want the gown to be long.

Preemie Isolette Shirts (Ginger Snaps) - 1 lb., 1 1-2 lbs., 3 - 4 lbs., 5 - 6 lbs

Preemie Daygowns and Bonnets (Ginger Snaps) - 1 lb., 2 1/2 lbs., 3 - 4 lbs., 5 - 6 lbs.

Baby Daygowns Book 4 (Ginger Snaps) - Includes 5 preemie sizes

Baby Daygowns Book 5 (Ginger Snaps) - 5 pound preemie, newborn, and infant patterns

Baby Daygowns Book 6 (Ginger Snaps) - 5 pound preemie, newborn, and infant patterns

Kimono Sleeve Daygowns (Ginger Snaps) - Preemie, Newborn and Infant

Pleated Daygown (Creations By Michie) - Preemie - 12 Months

Tucked Infant Gown (Creations By Michie) - Preemie - 12 Months

Baby Apron (Creations By Michie) - Preemie - 24 Months

Baby Daygowns Round Yoke Collection (Martha Pullen) - Preemie - 24 months

Baby Daygowns Square Yoke Collection (Martha Pullen) - Preemie - 24 months

Bishop Trio (Creative Keepsakes) - Preemie, 3, 6, 12 & 18 months

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Soft Fabrics For Preemies

We recommend a soft, all natural, 100% cotton when selecting the fabric. Stay away from fabrics containing polyester.

Bearissima - Top of the line Swiss Batiste

Bearissima II - Lightweight batiste, slightly heavier than Bearissima

Pima Swiss Batiste - A very nice affordable Swiss Batiste

Swiss Cotton Flannel - Lightweight and very soft

Austrian Cashmere Cotton - Soft, warm fabric

Swiss Silky Broadcloth - Good quality broadcloth, heavier than batiste

Irish Handkerchief Linen - Lightweight handkerchief linen

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Diaper Shirts

diaper shirts
Isolette Shirt

In addition to 4 preemie sizes, this diaper shirt pattern also has newborn and infant sizes included for larger special care babies.

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