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Important: This information pertains to Swiss cottons, washable garments and washable textiles only. If the manufacturer of your garment or fabric says Dry Clean Only, please do not attempt to wash it. Always follow the manufacturers instructions for best results.

As for antique and/or vintage garments - please consult a specialist who can examine and evaluate the condition of the garment.

Washing Instructions

  • Remove any jewelry, beauty pins, etc.

  • Hand wash using a mild product specially formulated for fine fabrics. We highly recommend Forever New Fabric Care Wash. It has a natural citric base and doesn't leave harmful residue on the fabric.

  • No chlorine bleach please. It can yellow the fabric. (Pre-treat stains as soon as possible because the longer you wait to remove the stain, the harder it is to remove it.) For stubborn stains we use The Stain Remedy by Forever New.

  • Gently wash it by hand and when finished, poor out the soapy water and gently squeeze the excess soapy water out of the garment. Never twist or wring your garment. Refill your wash bowl with fresh water and put the garment in the fresh water. Gently swish and squeeze the garment in the fresh water to rinse out the soap.

  • Again, remove the garment from the water, squeeze out the excess soapy water, poor out the rinse water and again refill your bowl with fresh water. *I will repeat this process 3 or 4 times or however many times it takes until all the soap is out of the garment.

    *Update: Since switching to Forever New Fabric Care Wash I have not had to spend so much time on rinsing. It rinses out easily, leaving the garment clean and fresh, without a dulling residue. I can sincerely say that it is the best fabric wash I have ever used.

    Important Note: Please remember that when your garment is wet it will be heavy and needs extra support when you lift it from the water to avoid strain on the fabric.

  • Lay flat to air dry.

*Disclaimer: The garment care and storage information on this website are only suggestions and are without warranty. For specific information pertaining to your garment consult the manufacturer whenever possible.

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