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Crystal Tiaras

We carry crystal tiaras in styles that are suitable for children.

They have the combs on the ends to help hold the tiara in place on the head.

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Lady Ashleigh Tiara

lady ashleigh tiara

Our Lady Ashleigh tiara is approximately 1.25" high in the center. Plated in Sterling Silver with a comb on each end. Manufactured using the highest quality Austrian crystals.

Adjust to fit. It has a comb on each side for secure placement in the hair.

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Lady Ashleigh Tiara

Price: $39.95

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* Special Note About Adjustable Tiara's - The back/side section(s) of the tiara, between the back end and the front (where the embellishment begins) can be gently adjusted to fit. Using your thumb and forefinger, very gently mold the sides of the tiara to a smaller size. Using this technique, we have adjusted some of the tiaras to a size small enough to fit dolls. Do not bend the front section where the tiara is embellished, but rather gently mold the part of the band (on each side) that is plain, without embellishment. See photo demonstration.



Not only are our tiara's suitable for children, they are also perfect for brides or the prom.

Care & Storage

This tiara is a fine piece of jewelry and should be cared for in the same manner as your other jewelry.

If your tiara needs cleaning we suggest you take it to your jeweler for a professional cleaning.

To prevent the silver from tarnishing you should wrap the tiara in a cloth that is especially made to protect silver from tarnish.

Return Policy

Used tiaras are not returnable. Read our return policy on our Orders page.

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